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Model 85 Night Depositories are produced to exacting standards combining quality craftsmanship and advanced materials. This combination, along with our commitment to excellence, results in the most secure deposit system available today. US Bank Equipment, LLC in Solana Beach, CA also offers receiving chests to accompany night depositories. Please click here for more information on receiving chests.

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Model 85 Is An Envelope And Bag Depository

The Model 85 comes standard with capabilities for envelope and bag deposits. A single door provides customer access for both envelope and bag operations. The envelope opening can be accessed without the use of a key. The bag opening is accessed only with a key. The large capacity bag deposit compartment is exposed only when the required key has operated the lock in the depository frame. Twenty-five of these keys are supplied with the Model 85 depository. The compartment is big enough to accommodate a fully packed bag up to 7" x 11" in size. The Model 85 is also available with bag-only operation and requires a key with each use.

U.L. Security Tested

The Model 85 depository bears the Underwriters Laboratories label and has passed the U.L. tests involving attack by mechanical tools and the use of sophisticated fishing and trapping techniques. Of course, it also meets all the provisions of the Bank Protection Act.


  • An alarm contact switch is incorporated into the design for easy attachment to alarm systems. This contact will be activated if removal of the depository is attempted by force.
  • The bag opening is secured by a heavy duty, corrugated pin tumbler lock which is UL listed. The key is not removable until the receptacle is closed and locked.
  • The contemporary styling includes a recessed door. This provides a handy writing surface for your customer.
  • The exterior depository face is finished in high grade, polished stainless steel. Minimal maintenance is required to retain its appearance.
  • The exterior face and the deposit compartment are illuminated at all times by a lighting unit built into the frame of the depository. This unit is protected against tampering, and is readily accessible for replacement.
  • The manually operated UL listed night depository meets or exceeds UL standard 771 for after-hours deposits of cash and currency when properly installed with acceptable chest and alarm protection.
  • The Model 85 attaching method allows for ease of any required servicing with no reduction in the security provided by the depository.
  • The standard outer housing is for grout applications. An optional outer housing is available for use as a groutless unit.
  • The system offers a convenient, weather-protected forms compartment.
  • Unique receptacle design insures positive movement of the deposit into the receiving safe.