• 12" and 18" Drawer Travel
  • Convenient "Keyless" Security Lock
  • Drop Frame Design
  • Easily Converts from Electric
  • Easily Serviced
  • Large Capacity
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Optional Heater
  • Pre-Wired for Audio System
  • Stainless Steel Surfaces
  • Underwriters Laboratories "Level 1" Rated
  • Wind Weight

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Secure Deal Drawer

US Bank Equipment, LLC products, including our bank deal drawers, are produced to exacting standards combining quality craftsmanship and advanced materials. This combination, along with our commitment to excellence, results in simply the best banking equipment available today. We are proudly located in Solana Beach, CA, and we can ship our products nationwide.

Compact Design

The Deal Drawer is a durable, field proven unit. The design allows maximum package size using a small overall case. The drawer is ideal for new installations and versatile for replacement of existing drawers.

Ergonomic Constructions

The Deal Drawer is capable of 12" and 18" drawer travel. Drawer travel is smooth and effortless due to the sturdy, oversized precision slides. The rear of the drawer allows ample knee space for seated operators.

Electric or Manual Operation

Tellers have the convenience of selecting electric or manual drive mode. Both provide smooth, quiet operation. Electric operation features two conveniently positioned individual push-button switches. The dual posi-drive belts provide rugged, reliable power transmission. A comfortable "stick shift" handle is provided for manual operation of the drawer.

Customer Friendly

The Deal Drawer features the proven drop frame design. This unique design permits access for deposits from all vehicle heights and various inside/outside grade differences. The large capacity drawer accommodates bulky items up to 12" w x 9" d x 6" h with weight capacity in excess of 300 lbs., often eliminating the need for a package receiver.

Teller Safe

The Deal Drawer carries the Underwriters Laboratories "Level 1" bullet resistant rating. This provides employees with a safe, desirable work environment. The deal plate access cover automatically opens as the drawer approaches the closed position. As the drawer is opened, this cover seals the top of the drawer, preventing direct access to the teller.

Quality Engineering

The entire unit is designed for dependable operation and low maintenance. All exterior surfaces are high grade polished stainless steel with a brushed finish. The hinged top and rear panel allow quick access to all serviceable mechanical and electrical parts.

Teller's Side of Deal Drawer

Communication System

The unit is equipped with weather proof customer speaker/mic and teller call button, providing long term reliability. The drawer is pre-wired for easy connection to an audio system.

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