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US Bank Equipment, LLC in Solana Beach, CA, provides the only bank audio systems you'll ever need. Our systems are designed for simple operation and total damage resistance. Your tellers will easily be able to communicate with clients with great sound quality and a range of useful functions.

High-Quality Audio System

ICE - 4 Console

  • Damage Resistant Pushbuttons
  • Modular Construction for Easy Installation
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Spill-Resistant Console Tops
  • Talk Indicator
  • Voice Activated for Hands-Free Conversation

Advance Microphone Technology

  • Noise cancelling microphone prevents customer from hearing other tellers.
  • Speaker/microphone on customer end provides clear speech and eliminates acoustic coupling.
  • Talk boost overrides loud vehicles.
High-Quality Audio System

Available Models:

  • MODEL 5101 ICE-1 Console
  • MODEL 5102 ICE-1 Matrix
  • MODEL 5201 ICE-2 Console
  • MODEL 5202 ICE-2 Matrix
  • MODEL 5401 ICE-4 Console
  • MODEL 5402 ICE-4 Matrix
  • MODEL 5801 ICE-8 Console
  • MODEL 5802 ICE-8 Matrix

Get Better Audio

An ICE-1 system provides for 1 teller on 1 lane, an ICE-2 system provides for up to 2 tellers on up
to 2 lanes, and an ICE-4 system provides for up to 3 tellers on up to 4 lanes. US Bank Equipment, LLC guarantees the dependability of our bank audio systems. Feel free to call us to learn more about our offered banking products.